Cash From Your Camera – Top Five Ways to Attract Photo Buyers and Editors

In the old days of film photography it was difficult to get an editor or photo buyer to view your images. Besides the tedious task of creating the prints, mailing them and then hoping an editor would go through your envelope, the chances that you would make the final cut were slim. So the costs got greater and your hopes dimmer. With the advent of technology this has all changed.

Email, websites, photoblogs and a host of other ways allow the possibility of editors and photo buyers viewing your images. The chances of an extremely busy editor viewing your photos are far higher than the days of film and envelopes. So what needs to happen in order for you to attract the attention of the right people?

1. Great quality

Nothing will get the attention of an editor more than an image of really outstanding quality. That’s the bottom line with any artistic venture. It needs to be of such a high quality that it stands out from the crowd. With so many images vying for the attention of the buyers and editors yours need to catch the eye and say look at me. This can only be achieved by quality. Low quality means no sales. It’s a buyers market. They determine whether you will sell or not.

2. Great subjects

If you want to get the attention of anyone then choose your subjects carefully and wisely. Remember that you are trying to attract the attention of someone. If you have great subjects of outstanding quality you catch the eye of the editor so much more quicker than a mediocre subject of outstanding quality. You only have one chance of making a good impression. Once you have the eye of a buyer they are more open to seeing what else you have to offer.

3. Great concepts

Marketable images these days need concepts that will sell a product or service. If you can shoot an image that is of a high quality, has a great subject with a great concept then you are almost home dry. Take a quick look through any magazine and see how many of the adverts are pushing a concept of love, power, success, status or great health. If you can shoot a concept in a unique way that nobody else has thought of, I can guarantee buyers will come knocking at your door.

4. Great portfolios

If a buyer or editor is attracted to your images you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be looking for more of the same. That is, more great quality with great subjects and concepts. They will ask to see your portfolio so make sure that it lives up to their expectations. If you can deliver more of the same you will attract the buyers to your images.

5. Great websites

This one is coupled to the previous point. It is of no value displaying great images on a poor website or photoblog. Make sure that the editor is not hindered by a slow, outdated site that isn’t attractive. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of flash, bang, whiz. Editors are busy and are looking for simple and clean that will give them what they want quickly and easily. Don’t distract with animations and flash introductions. They have no time for that. Give them what they want front and centre and they will come back for more.

These are just a few simple ways to attract the photo buyer and editor. Put them into practise and you will be on the road to photo success. Happy shooting!