Photo Cards – Easy Tips

Tired of the Cliché Templates?

You seek out all over for the best cards, but there’s nothing. The stores are packed with the same cards and nothing says just what you wish for, so you choose to step it up and create your own custom photo card, but you need to use few pointers along the way.

Getting Frustrated?

Your Internet photo card hunt starts with enthusiasm. Excitement filled you when you found thousands of photo cards online. You think to yourself, “perfect!” But hours later, after looking and choosing what the best is, you worn out and only have a few of “B” list of options.

Quite common for many people there is. Spending their day searching for the perfect photo cards only to end up empty handed, with a few second-rate choices. So, how to get rid of all the searching hassles and still obtain first-rate that you wanted?

Here’s My Tips:

1. Get an Online Photo Editor for Free
Numerous free online photo editors such as Picnik and Primp My Album are top picks. Both offers user friendly editor features and have a few differences. If you are looking mostly to add photo effects to your custom made FotoCardy then Picnik is the editor for you. This editor has a large library of photo effects and a number of different design options.

If you want to embellish with borders, backgrounds, stickers and other design elements, then Primp My Album’s Photo Wizard is the editor for you. It has a very large design library and a number of different photo effects.

2. Watch a Few Short Instructional Videos
This is optional if you may not feel that you require any extra instruction to get you on the move. But if it’s somewhat you want to try, then visit YouTube and do a search with the editor you choose as your main search term. You may also want to search “photo cards design” to get design ideas. You will be surprised at how many helpful free video tutorials you can find.

3. Embellish and Edit
Open up your editor of choice and begin designing those photo cards! Each given editor will help you get the custom look you want.

4. Print and Share
Once your photo cards are completely designed, save the files to your computer and visit a few different print sites to get pricing. For printing, some suggest that using Vista Print or Overnight Prints. Their prices are very competitive and their quality is fantastic.

These simple tips will finally let you have the perfect custom photo cards you were hoping for.